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So the title can use some work…

This is a hypothetical campaign set in the AD&D Dark Sun setting, using rules adapted from Greg Stolze’s Reign. I’m considering the Reign Enchiridion my starting point, adding to it where necessary for the setting.

My goal is to highlight the sword-and-sandal themes of Dark Sun, with bold independent heroes and sinister overlords. Heroes that are larger-than-life from the start, who go on to lead bands, tribes and armies against their foes.

My starting point with the setting is the original Dark Sun boxed set for 2nd Edition AD&D, with a few additions from later material. Because the original set dealt, in my opinion, beautifully dealt with some of the weirdnesses of that edition of D&D, a lot of what I’m doing here is to address D&Disms in Reign’s version of the One Roll Engine.

At the same time, I’m going to be tailoring the game engine to my own personal preferences. The biggie here is that I’m trying to move it toward a more explicitly zone-based (rather than map-based) combat system. While Reign is already halfway there, there are a few points where it could be improved, such as the cover and movement rules. I’ll try to be clear here where I’m adding something for setting reasons and where I’m adding it as a personal choice.

Table of Contents

Character Options
Character Races
Character Class-like Abilities

Supernatural Abilities
Arcane Magic
Clerical Magic
Primal Magic
Psionic Potential
Psionic Combat
Psionic Powers


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