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Miscellaneous New Stuff

I made a few additions, some of which will require edits to existing rules articles, but hey.

First, I’ve made an initial pass at writing up some psionic powers, so check out Psionic Disciplines. I have a handful of psychokinetic sciences up; these are admittedly incredibly large in scope by design. I basically want, say, telekinesis to be just something a character does, like fighting or walking, whereas magic is a set of specific spells with specific effects. What I don’t know at all is how valuable these sciences should be point-wise, which I hope to work out in playtesting.

I’m also going to be switching up devotions somewhat. Instead of being “lesser” powers, devotions are going to be sort of specific, slightly different implementations of sciences. So, the Telekinesis science lets you move pretty much anything besides yourself, therefore Levitate is a devotion that lets you move your own body like you do an object.

I’ve also added a small article that addresses something that was somewhat missing in the Reign rules and comes into play a lot with the psychokinesis discipline: [[Object Size & Structure | object size and durability]]. I’ve leaned heavily on World of Darkness and Wild Talents to fill gaps here, but I think it makes for a good all-purposes “breaking stuff” system, which I’m going to go back and adapt into the weapon breakage system.


Polisurgist Polisurgist

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