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Bones, Stones and Obsidian, Oh My

Weapon materials, love 'em or hate 'em

This is possibly a little too in-the-weeds for a lot of people, but I loved figuring out all the ins and outs of weapon materials back when the first Dark Sun boxed set came out, and I think I made it simpler here to figure out which weapons are best made from iron and which ones can be improvised well enough with other materials.

I do want to avoid the possibility of “trap” choices here, so I’ll eventually have a cheat sheet of sorts that outlines all the weapons in all the materials, omitting those which are just clearly bad options, but for now, the basic strategy is that anything that’s sharper than it is heavy is best done with obsidian, anything heavier than it is sharp should be stone, and wood or bone weapons are for people too broke to afford either.

Laying out all the crazy Dark Sun weapons and their associated Martial Paths is probably going to be next, but it also might kill me

So…check it out: Weapon Materials


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