Psionic Powers

Psionicists, those who study “the Way,” as they call it, work to perform ever more profound feats with their bodies and minds. These powers fall into a few broad categories, called psionic disciplines. Each discipline is associated with one of the stats; rolls to activate powers in that discipline are the associated stat + Psionics.

The psionic disciplines are:

  • Clairsentience: the discipline of extending your senses in time and space
  • Psychokinesis: the ability to move objects and manipulate forces with your mind
  • Psychometabolism: the practice of mind over body
  • Psychoportation: mentally manipulating time and space
  • Telepathy: contacting and manipulating the minds of others

Within each discipline there are two kinds of powers: sciences and devotions. Sciences are the major abilities one tends to think of under each discipline: a telepath being able to communicate mentally or implant suggestions, a psychoporter’s teleportation and a psychokinetic’s lifting or throwing objects. Mechanically, sciences work much like spells in the rules, but they have a variable Intensity; an apprentice levitating his first pebble is using the same science that his master uses to topple a pyramid with her mind. Devotions, on the other hand, are more specialized (though not always weaker) powers that have a limited scope of effect.

Using Psionic Powers

Psionicists may use (or manifest) any power in their repertoire so long as its Intensity is not higher than their current level of psionic potential (this is why psionicists often start with psionic combat before moving in for the kill with their adversaries). Whether the power is a science or devotion, the psionicist makes a roll of the discipline’s stat + Psionics against a difficulty of the power’s Intensity (similarly to the mechanic for casting spells). As long as they score a set at the appropriate height, the power manifests according to its description. Using these powers is not without risk, however. If the power fails, the psionicist takes one Psychic damage for every Waste Die that falls below the power’s difficulty. Therefore, using high-level psionics is a gamble; should you slip up, you may quickly find your powers crumbling away beneath you.

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