Dwarves are hardy, stocky humanoids who dedicate their lives to a singular purpose.

Because dwarves are especially hardy, they have one extra box in their torso and head hit locations.

While every character has his or her Passions, they are in intrinsic part of a dwarf’s life, called their Focus. At character creation, choose either your character’s Mission or Duty to be his or her focus. At the end of any session (or week, whichever is sooner) in which a dwarf does not pursue their Focus, they take one level of stun damage in every location. This damage remains in place until the dwarf is able to pursue their focus again. While some Passions can be changed at an expense of experience points, a dwarf may only do this if the Focus becomes entirely impossible. Note that something being very hard is not the same as impossible. If a dwarf has dedicated himself to the building of a bridge and finds himself enslaved, building that bridge is still possible, but for the immediate term, the only thing the dwarf can do to pursue it is to attempt to escape or earn his freedom.

Dwarven Paths

Path of the Focused Heart
Dwarves who develop in this Esoteric Path choose to dedicate themselves even more to their life’s Focus. The benefits of the Path of the Focused Heart are manifold, but they only apply when directly pursuing a Focus.


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